The rise of female property investors

There has been a growing trend in recent years of more women becoming savvier in the property market, to such a degree that almost double the amount of women live in homes they own compared with men.

ABS housing data, says that 60 percent of women living in homes they own, either on a mortgage or paid off compared to 36 percent of men, with 23 percent of women owning their home outright compared to 20 percent of men.

More and more in their quest to secure their futures, women are not just buying any property but are savvy enough to purchase property with ‘value-add’ potential such as one with development potential to increase the equity as part of a long term strategy to build financial security.

“I am seeing many friends, family and clients who realise that a man is not a retirement plan and are choosing to take control of their finances and see property as a key strategy to improving their financial wellbeing” says Lesley Gregg.

With the national gender pay gap currently at around 18.2% the playing field is not even when it comes to gaining financial freedom. Add to this lost superannuation due to time out for child rearing, Australian women are at a huge disadvantage later in life.  

“I’m a firm believer that if it’s going to be it’s up to me, which is why I like a growing number of women in Australia are embracing property investment as a secondary source of income and a way to secure their financial future.” – Lesley Gregg.

This trend has been reported by Westpac in the Westpac Home Ownership Report released earlier this year, which showed that more women than men are looking to buy a home to live in (28 percent vs 20 percent of men). There’s also a significantly higher proportion of women looking to invest in property (16 percent of women vs 13 percent of men).

Women have more than switched onto property as an investment, they are increasingly paving their way to financial freedom with property.

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