Granny Flats

Get extra money in your pocket with a Granny Flat – they are a great cashflow positive investment strategy…..They also provide room for a growing or extended family too.


About this Project

Granny flats are a great cashflow positive investment strategy. They maximise your returns by creating two rental incomes on the one site. You’ll pay your granny flat off in around 5 years and receive a return on investment of around 15%.

Granny flats are usually constructed in around twelve weeks and there are stunning contemporary designs to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Granny Flats are one of the cheapest property developments and offering an excellent investment opportunity – the figures below speak for themselves.

If you are looking to build a cashflow positive investment portfolio NewFandangled Properties can help locate the right site for you.


Approx. Return on Invest

5-7 yrs

Pay off period


Indicative Cost

Stunning Designs

When you select your granny flat site, aside from being a lucrative investment opportunity, you’ll enjoy being able to select from a wide range of inspiring designs from a wide variety of granny flat specialists and builders. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful and stylish your granny flat home will be and you’ll be surprised at how spacious and well-proportioned they are, and how much your tenants and/or extended family will enjoy making a granny flat home.