Argenton (NSW)

When New Fandangled Properties purchased Argenton our feasibility was based on subdividing into two homes.  With persistence and perseverance and the backing of an excellent team of experienced specialists, New Fandangled Properties gained approval to build four townhouses – a fantastic result.

About this Project

The median house price in Argenton in 2017 was around $430K. With annual house price growth of around 8%, and strong rental demand for properties in Argenton and plenty of scope for regeneration, we are very enthusiastic about Argenton’s investment potential.


No. of Townhouses

Q4 2019

Est. Build Completion



  • Subdivision progress 80% 80%

To what extent can you subdivide?

It is critical to find the highest and most profitable use of your land and this is where NewFandangled’s team of experts can help guide you. Whether you are looking to subdivide and build a separate new home, or gain approval for townhouses to sell onto a builder, you will need to determine the type of build most suitable for your development site and understand the costs.