Whether you’re a first time buyer, or a seasoned investor, this simple mistake will likely sabotage your wealth…..and that is leaving your cash in the bank and not investing.

Conservative investors often think that they can keep their savings safe if they don’t invest. They feel safer, waiting to see what happens with negative gearing policy, interest rates….while you do you are missing out on good buying opportunities in the current climate.

In our worry over whether we’ll save $5K or $10K in tax due to possible limitations on ability to negatively gear, we need to balance up that great investments can put money in our bank accounts each week AND increase our equity/net worth by $100,000K+ in year……

Yes the days of going to bed every night in Sydney and waking up considerably richer as your property just keeps going up in value overnight, might be over in many areas for now, but this doesn’t mean you necessarily stop investing.

On the contrary, roll your sleeves up, find the gems and if you aren’t confident – get a team of professional to help. At NewFandangled Properties our team consists of Property Investors, Financial Planners, Builders and Surveyors – all working together to find you the very best property for you needs, at the right price.

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