What is a Quiet Listing? 

The honest truth is than many properties simply don’t appear on the usual property search engines.  This happens for many reasons.  Sellers want privacy. They may not want their neighbours to know about the sale.  They may be getting divorced. They may just need to sell quickly.  There are many personal reasons why people don’t want their property to be listed publicly on search engines or want a huge billboard publicising the sale.

These sales are called quiet listings and they are handled with discretion.  Tapping into these quiet listings can be an attractive option for a buyer.

How you can benefit from accessing Quiet Listings

Good properties always sell irrespective of the market.  Being able to tap into the most desirable properties, including quiet and off market listings is beneficial for buyer’s because the buyer will usually get a better outcome than if they competed in a competitive auction setting.  If they are are able to negotiate quickly and before too many other competing buyers are potentially introduced into the process – there’s a higher chance of securing the property.

Do Quiet Listings actually exist?

And if you are in doubt, off-market and quiet listings do exist – they are found especially at higher price points where a higher percentage of properties are sold off-market. They are also usually the more interesting property development and investor opportunities – and they sell extremely quickly, these ones usually sell within days due to their profitable development potential.

Properties in the range of say $500,000 to $1.5m range will usually be on-market, in which case the benefit of the Property Buyer’s Agent, then becomes a matter of being able to get early notification of listings and ability to quickly scan the market, view 30+ properties a week for a buyer and really work to produce a shortlist AND to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer.   In this respect, a buyer’s agent can save a huge amount of time searching and analysing on behalf of the buyer.   In doing so a buyer can save a huge amount of stress having a dedicated representative looking after their needs, rather than dealing with several different selling agents who represent the seller.

How a Buyer’s Agent can help you find Quiet Listings

Accessing off-market opportunities is critical. To find your ideal property you deserve to have all of the facts on the table to consider. A Buyer’s Agent is ideally placed to do the groundwork and to get you your ideal result quickly and more efficiently, and access on market and off market opportunities – and get you into your ideal home sooner.

Lesley Gregg is a Buyer’s Agent with over fifteen years experience buying and selling property in the UK and Australia. She built an investment portfolio of over a dozen properties in a year using a low risk, profitable strategy, and is dedicated to helping others to find their ideal properties and to build profitable portfolios.  Contact Lesley today to discuss your property buying needs on 0415 060 605 or email lesley@newfandangled.com