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We have more than a decade experience in investing in high growth property and some of the key markets where we’ve found lucrative investments are satellite cities within two hours’ commute of primary metropolitan areas.

While affordability remains a key reason to move, buyers are increasingly talking about escaping from city stress, traffic and cost of living. With surprisingly comparable wages and a vast difference in house prices, and the ability to take on a small commute, the metro-regional trade-off is compelling.

Here’s some of out investor hotspots worth considering in 2019:


Why Newcastle is a profitable investment opportunity?

  • Newcastle is one of the fastest growing regional towns in NSW.
  • House prices are almost half that of Sydney – more Sydneysiders are making Newcastle home.
  • Annualised house price growth approx 7%
  • Low rental vacancy rates at approx 2.3%
  • Low unemployment at approx 6.2%

$650M investment by Newcastle Council to revitalise city centre

  • A new multi-modal transport interchange at Wickham
  • Light rail between the Newcastle Interchange and Pacific Park
  • The activation of Hunter and Scott streets linked to the delivery of light rail
  • The revitalisation of land in the former rail corridor, the delivery of housing, and the delivery of improved public domain, including parks, entertainment precincts and public spaces.

Newcastle coastline revitalisation

  • Scenic coastal walk on Bathers Way from Merewether Baths in the south to Nobbys headland
  • 5.8km of shared pathway, viewing areas, seating, plantings, shade, lighting, bins, bike racks and bubblers.
  • Recently opened Newcastle Memorial Walk at Strzelecki Headland

Newcastle Council has invested $100M in projects this year

  • $23.5M on renewing roads
  • $16.8M on environmental projects including the new solar farm
  • 8.2M on smart city initiatives
  • $24.8M on renewing buildings, structures and public places
  • $5.4M for parks and sporting places

Newcastle is just two hours north of Sydney.  Once an industrial town it is undergoing a massive transformation into a beautiful city.

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Sunshine Coast

Why Sunshine Coast is an excellent investment opportunity?

Economic Growth at 4% well above national rate AND Major Infrastructure Projects

  • More than A$2.5 billion in major infrastructure projects
  • over A$10 billion in private investment already underway or in the pipeline.
  • The Sunshine Coast economy (A$17.7 billion) is one of the largest regional economies in Australia
  • The annual average growth rate of over 4% each year over the last 15 years- well above the national rate of economic growth. (ABS, 2017; NIEIR, 2017; AEC, 2018).

The Sunshine Coast is a Top Leading Region for Employment Generation

  • More than 20,000 jobs were created over the last five years (Department of Jobs and Small Business, 2017).
  • The Sunshine Coast is one of the largest local government areas in Australia with a population of 311,511 and has averaged 2.5 per cent average annual growth over the last decade, making it one of the fastest growing areas in the country (ABS, 2018).
  • The Sunshine Coast’s population is expected to grow to more than 500,000 people by 2041, representing the fourth fastest expected growth in the State (QGSO, 2017; ABS, 2018).

The Sunshine Coast has one of the Fastest Growing Universities in Australia

  • The University of the Sunshine Coast has an enrolment of 13,500 students (USC, 2018), which is projected to grow to 20,000 by 2020, making it one of the fastest growing universities in Australia.

The Sunshine Coast region is one of the largest tourism regions in Australia and in 2017

  • 10 million people visited the Sunshine Coast region (TEQ, 2018).
  • Tourism injected almost A$3 billion into the Sunshine Coast Region in 2017 (TEQ, 2018).
  • The high quality of life on the Sunshine Coast provides businesses with a strong basis to attract employees from other parts of Australia.
  • The Sunshine Coast has the third highest level of net interstate migration in the country (ABS, 2017).


Gold Coast

Why the Gold Coast is an excellent investment opportunity.

  • As one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, the Gold Coast’s population will smash 900,000 by 2036.
  • Pimpama and Coomera are set for massive growth.
  • Pimpama, with its population increase of 9.7% per year, is ranked the second fastest growing suburb in Queensland from 2011 to 2036.
  • Pimpama and Coomera expect a combined population of 120,000 by 2036.

Major Infrastructure Projects

  • Over $13.7 billion dollars in major infrastructure projects are planned or underway for the Gold Coast. From 2006 to 2026, projects will stimulate employment growth of more than 6.8% per year in the Pimpama and Coomera area.
  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 jobs will become available over that time.
  • In nearby Southport, 30,000 to 60,000 jobs will be introduced. Altogether, 124,000 jobs will exist in the Gold Coast by 2026, representing a huge 16% of South East Queensland’s employment growth.


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