We offer highly exclusive co-investing opportunities that are aimed at helping you fastrack your wealth creation ability.

Co-investing allows you to team up with professional  specialists including surveyors, investors, property developers, builders and architects, and avoid the risks of taking on a project on your own. All investments must pass our strict due diligence criteria including the potential to produce very good capital returns.


Looking to co-invest and have questions about how this works?

What is co-investing?

Co-investing allows you to invest in property development without taking on the debt yourself. Co-investing allows you to invest in a project that you may otherwise not have the time, experience or capital to invest in alone.  Projects are selected based on our strict investment and due diligence.  Co-investing allows investors to leverage a team of highly experienced team of qualified professionals including award winning builders, architects, designers, engineers and estate agents, therefore reducing investor risk.  

What returns can I expect and what investment level is required?

Investors can choose to select and invest in  projects based on forecast returns, estimated project / investment duration and project type.

Returns are not guaranted but forecast at 15%+. Investment timeframe ranges from 10months to 18months depending on the project.

Minimum investment varies but typically  around $100,000.

I want to buy my own site outright. Can you oversee the project for me?

Yes we can project manage your project.  We are specialists in small developments including duplex, single home build, small townhouses and dual occupancy and can project manage the entire process of property selection through to due diligence, council approval, construction and property sale/rental on your behalf.