Buying a Property

Seasoned investors as well as first time buyers can use our Buyer’s Agent Service to their advantage to make well-informed decisions and purchase the best property under the most favorable terms. 

Buying a property requires a significant investment of time and having a specialist by your side to guide you through the process is critical. Our objective is to help you to secure the right property, at the right price, in a stress-free manner.

Our team offers complete end-to-end services that alleviates the burden of inspections, negotiations, conducting due diligence and the management of contractual processes.
We are a team of experienced property buyers and have detailed knowledge of the real estate landscape.

By paying close attention to and understanding your property desires and goals, we can conduct a highly targeted search which will ensure we can help you secure your ideal property sooner. We’re by your side every step of the way and we simplify the buying process and provide an end to end solution across the buying search.

Including :


Understand your property needs


Conduct your property search


Prepare a short list


Due diligence


Attend Inspections


Report back to you to gain feedback


Negotiate terms


Attend auctions




Oversee Settlement


Property handover

Speak to a Buyer’s Agent:

0415 060 605

We’re working for you the property buyer to secure the right property at the right price. This includes on-market properties as well as properties before they reach the open market and properties which are not openly advertised. This exclusive access ensures that when searching for your property we are working hard to present all available options to you to ensure you are in a position to make the best purchasing decision.

We act entirely in the best interests of you as the buyer – helping you to build your property portfolio, whether it’s your first home or building your investment portfolio, with your best interests in mind.


Here are some common questions we receive about our Buyer’s Agent Service.

How can using the services of a buyer’s agent save me time?

How many properties do you think you could inspect a week? 3…maybe 5? Well as your Buyer’s Agent we can potentially inspect, 20 or more properties for you throughout the week and on weekends. Buying a property requires a significant investment of time and as your buyer’s agent we can save you time as we not only have the capacity to inspect more properties, but we also filter out properties that don’t meet your brief and we shortlist only the better properties.  

Can using a Buyer’s Agent save me money?

A buyer’s agent has your best interests in mind as the buyer of a property and we use our market insight and research what properties are really worth.  This knowledge gives us an edge in negotiations and helps to secure the right property at the right price. We are dedicated to finding you a great deal and negotiating the best terms and pricing for you.

I’m looking to buy an investment property why would I need to use a buyer’s agent?

Our buyers agent service includes due diligence report prepared by qualified town planners and/or architects, to help clarify what can be developed on your site prior to you committing to the purchase.  We encourage all of clients to conduct complete due diligence and engage the service of our team of our professional partners to ensure that you make a fully informed purchase.