In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the numbers of people using buyer’s agents seeking independent advice is growing and is now estimated to be around 1 in 5.

And there’s very good reasons why people are paying for something that they could do themselves…..

At the outset shopping for a home is a major, exciting experience – but to do it well it really does take years of on the ground experience, a lot of time and a lot of research to find the very best property to suit your requirements.

And for those people who haven’t bought a property before, there can be a lot of contradictory information out there and there can at times seem to be pressure from lenders, real estate agents, pressure at auctions and from ‘the jones’, to stretch budget and it’s understandable why sometimes people fall into a trap where they borrow too much to buy a dream home, only to struggle to make the repayments.

These stresses as well as the fear of missing out can consume a lot of precious time, money and energy, and for these reasons this is why many people are turning now to buyer’s agents for help.

Having a buyer’s agent on your side can help even the playing field – as they are working for and paid for by the buyer.  A buyer’s agent will help you to find the right property, at the right price, on the right terms with unbiased advice.

4 reasons you’ll benefit from dealing with a buyer’s agent:

  1. A buyer’s agent will help you to buy at the right price – a buyer’s agent is working in the property market all day, they know what’s going on in the property market, understand recent sales and demand and what a property is really worth.
  2. A buyer’s agent will make the process hassle free for you – buying a property can be emotional, exhausting and sometimes terribly discouraging especially if you are not able to attend the number of viewings you’d like to or if you are keep missing open homes.  You may feel you are missing out on the best properties. A buyer’s agent’s job is to make the process as hassle free as possible for you – and will visit properties when you aren’t able to ensure they meet your brief.
  3. A buyer’s agent will help you to save time – instead of trying to cram in viewings on the weekend a buyer’s agent will attend 20+ viewings during weekdays – produce a shortlist and arrange viewings for prime properties that meet your specification at times to suit you in a convenient manner.
  4. A buyer’s agent will give you access to a broader selection of properties – they’ll be working with real estate agents to find all listings that meet your requirements, up and coming, quiet listings and private sales.

Not all Buyer’s Agents are the same

A buyer’s agent should practice what they preach and have extensive experience buying and selling properties themselves, they should hold a full real estate licence, and they should be an experienced professional – and you should be be assured that they are a suitable representative for you in what could be one of the largest purchases in your life.

They should be dedicated professionals focused on offering you the highest level of service, and they should be furnishing you with updates on property coming up for sale before they go to the general public.  They really will be your eyes, ears and feet on the ground, working hard for you to find you the very best property available for your budget and needs.

If you’re considering buying a home in the near future, consider getting a dedicated buyer’s agent working exclusively for you and contact the team at Newfandangled Properties today.